we go on dancing nonetheless (loudxmouse) wrote in wwuknitters,
we go on dancing nonetheless

sup my knittas?
i hope you had a good break from school and i hope your new years resolution was to hang out with more knitterly people, because i think we should!
when we are all settled in again with classes and whatnot let's get together as much as humanly possible and do that teaching thing that tina suggested.
i think it would be a blast and i wouldn't be opposed to making (i almost typed "knitting") the posters for it.

on another note... Narnia? anyone seen it? i'm am now the proud owner of a Mr. Tumnus scarf.... and yes, i'm a nerd. but OH the great knits in that film!

PS. i need to head to fairhaven soon and get more of that neon yarn i bought last time... i have requests for TWO scarves from it, one for myself (my mom stole mine) and one for my grandma. does anyone want to go this week?
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