Talk to me, Dance with me (miss_westenra) wrote in wwuknitters,
Talk to me, Dance with me

Tomorrow's trip?

It seems the easiest way to get there by bus would be to take the 105 heading to downtown and get off on Magnolia. Then, somehow, find the place. I'll print out and bring a map. I promise to remember this time.

Maybe around 2:30 meet at whatever bus stop is easiest for you and get on the 105 (you may be waiting there anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Bundle up.) All of us need some knitted thing carried along to distinguish us, since we will meet on the bus.

If anyone has a definate form of transportation that is superior to the bus, speak now!! We can always plan to meet somewhere on campus that is convenient for you.

If you plan to go, keep checking this community for updates tonight and tomorrow. This seems to be a good tentative plan for now. Any disagreements?
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